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That’s What She Said: The Use of Dialogue Tags

One of the biggest challenges in writing fiction, in my opinion, is the interaction of our characters. How do we portray them? They need to come alive for the reader. They need to be believable. Dialogue is a big part of that. We can use conversations between people to learn more about them, and about…
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Comma Splices: Forget the Hot Glue Gun. Get the Scissors!

There’s a little thing I’d like to discuss with all of you. We’ve all been guilty of it at some point. Maybe someone pointed it out to us afterwards. Maybe we discovered it ourselves. Who knows how many are still out there, lurking in all the lines we’ve ever written. Tiny! Get to the point!…
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Visuals in Writing

Do You See What I See? I’ve always had a very deep love for language, especially the written word, in all its forms. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I mostly loved the stories that put me right in the middle of the action–the stories that played out before my eyes…
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Don’t be Dense. Use the Right Tense. Part 1

Whatever it is you’re writing, whether it’s a memoir, a story, or a non-fiction piece, the tense in which you write is something you need to consider. Whether you’re reading a newspaper or a novel, chances are that it’s written in past tense. It’s by far the most common tense used in writing.    …
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Finding Your Way in the Land of Babel: Writing in a Second Language

As a writer, we want nothing more than for our work to be seen, read, appreciated. Right? Right. A lot of us write in English, even if it is not our native language. When you’re like me and your native language is only spoken by a small population, it severely limits your reach. That is…
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Minnie Series, Part 2: Motherhood

“Min, no lifting. Pete and I have got this.” Rob pointed Minnie towards the console. She scoffed at the two men sending her stern looks across the bed of their patient. “It’s called pregnancy. It’s not a disease.” Turning on her heel, she walked over to the console to prepare the CT scan. “Radiology, this…
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When The Tables Are Turned (Audiostory)

I don’t just love writing. I adore storytelling as well. What better way to do that than by narrating my own short stories? Whenever I have time, I record adio versions of my stories and post them to my Soundcloud account. This story holds a special place in my heart, as you can read in…
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Minnie Series, part 1: When The Tables are Turned (short story)

Thirty minutes to go. Minnie turned away from the clock on the wall and, smiling at the patient on the stretcher in front of her, raised the bedside rail and adjusted the elderly woman’s blanket. “OK, Ms. Parker. I’m going to take you back to the ER and the doctor will come and see you…
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More Tiny Food Porn (Unintendedpoem)

Nigella’s christmas cookbook has a few yummy pork roasts: one marinated in apple cider and apple juice with an apple and onion gravy; and one which is a roulade marinated in worchestershire sauce and something else, apple cider too I believe, then stuffed with onion, dried cranberries, and spices and things. I did it with…
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