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Visuals in Writing

Do You See What I See? I’ve always had a very deep love for language, especially the written word, in all its forms. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I mostly loved the stories that put me right in the middle of the action–the stories that played out before my eyes…
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Don’t be Dense. Use the Right Tense. Part 1

Whatever it is you’re writing, whether it’s a memoir, a story, or a non-fiction piece, the tense in which you write is something you need to consider. Whether you’re reading a newspaper or a novel, chances are that it’s written in past tense. It’s by far the most common tense used in writing.    …
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Finding Your Way in the Land of Babel: Writing in a Second Language

As a writer, we want nothing more than for our work to be seen, read, appreciated. Right? Right. A lot of us write in English, even if it is not our native language. When you’re like me and your native language is only spoken by a small population, it severely limits your reach. That is…
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