King’s Lament, a 50 Word Story

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King’s Lament, a 50 Word Story

Behind Dagmar, every church bell in the capital began to toll. “Uncle!” She turned and ran down the hill.

Her bodyguard caught up, grabbing her wrist. “My Lady, there’s nothing you can do. The king is gone.”

She clenched her fist. “One day, I’ll kill the bastard who did this.”



Wow. It’s been a long long while since I found the time to write a fifty word story. I’d forgotten how great it can feel.

As always, a big thank you to Jayna for organising this every week.

This little snippet of story comes from the Brennpunkt universe, in which I’ve written a short story as well as half a novel draft.

Big thank you to the INKlings for helping me to refine this little bite-sized bit of story.



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