Narration Debut

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Narration Debut

For those who want to skip my blabbering and just listen, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This is old news for some of my friends, I know. But me? I’m still inwardly shrieking with excitement.

Last month, I got to listen to a real-live podcast episode from someone else that featured my narrations of Jade Generals and Alphabet of Signs by Ursula Whitcher.

They were featured on a podcast called The Lesbian Historic Motif , part of The Lesbian Talk Show. Host of the podcast, which discusses women, and specifically queer women and their placs (or possible place) in history.

Those of you who have known me a bit longer, know that I love doing audio. I started out narrating some of my own stories and uploading them to my Soundcloud account. Then, my friend Damian Jay Clay and I started a podcast together.

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Sadly, we had to put it to rest because of my hectic schedule. Between my job and the renovation of our house, as well as Damian’s schedule, it was almost impossible for us to coordinate recording times in a way we could sustain over time. Once life returns to normal, I can definitely imagine us resurrecting it, but for now, I gave up on my audio dreams and plans.

But, due to a sheer stroke of luck and Twitterly coincidence, I ended up meeting Heather Rose Jones, the host of the Lesbian Historic Motif Project when she was looking for a narrator for some pieces of flash fiction she had scheduled.

As soon as I received the text I was to narrate, I dug in and set to work. And I remembered again how much I enjoyed doing things like this. Bringing stories to life in recordings.

I very much enjoyed both pieces, and can’t thank Heather enough for the opportunity to work on a project like this.

Would you like to have a listen?

Go ahead, and click. I’m sure Heather won’t mind.

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