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I’m a writer, poet, podcaster, and narrator, living a blessed life in a rural part of Belgium, along with four dogs, two elderly horses, and a husband who knows better than to distract me when I’m writing. During the day, I work as an X-ray technician in a hospital radiology department.

At least, that’s what my hands do. My mind is constantly on the go, thinking of things to paint or write–of stories to tell. Creating things has become the outlet through which I process the world, including the traumatic events I often witness while in uniform.

A full time job seriously cuts into my creative time though. If you’d like to support my efforts, perhaps you could consider buying me a coffee.

My written work has appeared in The Other Stories Podcast, Quatrain Fish, NewMyths.com, Hybrid Fiction, and a few other places. Links to each piece can be found in the reading nook at the top of the page.

But as a storyteller, I don’t limit myself to putting poems or stories down in black and white. I first fell in love with stories during bedtime reading sessions with one or my parents or siblings, staring at the book in their lap and wondering how those black squiggles could contain whole worlds. Oral storytelling is the oldest tradition I can think of, and it’s something I deeply enjoy doing.

For my voice work, I’ll again refer you to the reading nook at the top of this page, or to The Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales, a podcasting and blogging collective focused on mythological creatures. And because one podcast clearly was not enough, there’s also Journals of a Journeyman Bard, where you can listen along to the ups and downs of me trying to navigate a creative life and career.

You can follow me on Amazon or Twitter. Prints of my paintings and graphic versions of some poems can be purchased on my RedBubble Webshop.



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