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Published elsewhere

Autumnal Dance: Published  by Quatrain Fish, September 2020

Dragon’s Lament: Published in issue 51 of NewMyths.com, June 2020

Geeky and the Beast: Published in Nightingale & Sparrow, Issue V, reading available here

Odalisk (speculative poetry): Published in Illumen Magazine, Autumn 2019

Wilted: Published by Quatrain Fish, November 2019

Raven Swoops Overhead: Published by Nightingale & Sparrow in their November micropoetry series on Twitter

Morning Honey (speculative poetry): Published in ParABnornal Magazine, June 2019

Mask (speculative poetry): Published in Illumen Magazine, Winter 2019


I rather like writing haiku. There’s something about conveying an image in a single breath that keeps fascinating me.


Free Form



This is something special. Sometimes, people say the most beautiful things. Damian Jay Clay, a dear friend of mine and an amazing poet and poetry editor, points those things out to us by editing them and turning them into amazing, touching, funny and fabulous poems.
Here are the ones he did for me.
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