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Podcast Playlist

Since the start of my journey as a writer, in the autumn of 2017, I’ve been working hard to grow as a writer and to get some words in every day. Then, we bought a house. A big house with a pasture. An old house in desperate need of a facelift.

Between that and my fulltime job, my writing time became more and more scarce and reading felt more and more like a guilty pleasure. Every moment spent reading was a bit of free time I didn’t spend writing.

And then I crashed and burned after forgoing sleep in favour of writing for over three months. It took me over a month of reading and nothing much else to even figure out that the pit I found myself in wasn’t bottomless after all.

After two years of forcing myself to rest and recharge my brain with reading, I’ve finally found the perfect compromise. Audio.

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

I’ve become an absolute podcast binger. I take my earbuds to the grocery store. I listen to podcasts while mucking out after my horses or grooming my dogs. I bike to work through dawn and dew, guided by the voices of my favourite podcasters.

I’ve built up a subscription list that manages to keep my braincells nourished without dipping into my budgetted writing time.

So in the coming weeks, I’d like to take you all on a trip through my playlist and talk about the podcasts and podcasters I’ve grown to love, in the same way as I order it on my phone. By alternating fiction and non-fiction.

Here’s the list, in the order in which I found them myself:

Wow, that list looks a lot longer than it does on my phone. Holy cow. Hopefully, you’ll discover something you like. I know I did.

See you soon.



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