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So Long, 2021, and Thanks for All the Fish

We’re two days into 2022 as I sit in my kitchen with a mug of almond latte and some chocolate, typing this. 2022 has decided to roll in with a bang. We’ve got rain coming down in barrels instead of buckets, and the dogs are a pile of raw nerves after a peal of thunder…
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More Projects on the Horizon

Well, it’s been quite a while since I wrote one of these, isn’t it? My my, where does all this time go while I’m not looking? I thought I’d put an update here, since I’m brewing up a few more projects. First of all, Anike, Koji and I launched The Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales…
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Good Times and Horsey Kisses Ahead

We’re finally getting somewhat settled in our new house. We have the option of taking a hot shower after a day of tearing things down, nailing them in place or dragging them around. No longer do I kneel in the shower with a little tub of hot water and a cup so I can wash…
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