Announcing Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales

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Announcing Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales

Within the depths of a great pool of ink, a woman’s voice began to whisper about dragons.

Then another. And another.

They found each other in the darkness and merged into a single beast to explore their obsession and rose from the ink with shining scales and strong wings to carry them throughout the world.

The beast retained its three heads, each snapping at different aspects of mythology. How do similar creatures keep showing up in vastly different cultures? How have these creatures changed over time? What roles do they fulfill in our modern world? These are just some of the questions driving the Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales.

Like the Hydra of Greek lore, our teeth can raise the dead, bringing lost skeletons back to life for an episode or two. But unlike our hydra-friend, we’re not guarding the door to the underworld. No. We’re blasting it wide open, and asking you to come explore with us.

Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales will spread its tentacles across multiple media but our main focus lies with the blog, podcast, and community. Our first season will center around dragons, but over time, we’ll be tackling different themes within mythology and folklore.

While preparing for our launch, some time around the summer solstice, we’ll be sharing all kinds of draconic goodness on our social media accounts to warm up your taste buds.

Stay tuned, Mythsters!

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