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Goodbye, a 50 Word Story

“But–” “No. You’ve got to go.” I looked into her eyes one last time and handed over the bag containing our meager supplies. Enough for Anna to make it out of the desert. Hopefully. My hand covered her rounded stomach as we kissed. “Goodbye, Anna. Take care of our daughter.”          …
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King’s Lament, a 50 Word Story

Behind Dagmar, every church bell in the capital began to toll. “Uncle!” She turned and ran down the hill. Her bodyguard caught up, grabbing her wrist. “My Lady, there’s nothing you can do. The king is gone.” She clenched her fist. “One day, I’ll kill the bastard who did this.”     Wow. It’s been…
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Legacy, a Story in 33 Words

She had to start looking after herself again. Too-thin hand resting on her still-flat belly, Allie smiled. Her memories of Joe wouldn’t fade completely. A part of him would live on after all.     This is my entry for my friend Jayna’s weekly 50-word story prompt. I haven’t felt up to writing for a…
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Tequila Shot. A 50-word Story (Microflash)

Mutt watched as the girl slammed back the shot and bit into a slice of lemon. What was her name again? Jodie? Joni? Shit. Why was he here? Annie would hate this place. She’d be right. He tossed a few bills on the bartop, walked outside and grabbed his phone.     Another week, another…
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Unconditional (MicroFlash)

Bri leaned against the tree–its shade a relief from sunlight. After the violence his father inflicted on her, would she ever love this child? Sudden, tingling warmth flowed from under her fingers where they rested on her abdomen. It was too soon for kicking. But he was there. Her son.       Well, I…
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Broken (Microflash)

Wrapping paper fell at Annie’s feet as she stared at the bowl in her hand. Gold gleamed in the grout where the shards were joined. Whole again, but no longer the same. Better. Like she would be. Phil was a dick, no denying that. But not worth staying broken over.     These fifty word…
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Torn (Microflash)

Funny how small mishaps could become omens. Annie poked a finger through the tear in her voluminous wedding dress. As unexpected as her best friend’s last-minute confession, but there it was. Looping the heavy train over one arm, she walked away from the church. Mum was right. Men are pigs.     This fifty word…
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