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The Rainbow Stories, Part 5: The Tale of Eve

A hand grabs my neck, pulling me away from my siblings—away from the warmth and safety at my mother’s belly. I want to keep drinking and I latch onto a nipple but the hand is too strong. It belongs to a man who smells of smoke and sweat and something else. Something bad. He picks…
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The Rainbow Stories, Part 4: Born to Run

I’m not alone here, in the darkness. There are many of us, all brothers and sisters in a way. The human keeps us in a drafty place with hard floors. Too many of us in such a small space. My nose is numb with the scent of our own urine and waste. There is not…
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The Rainbow Stories, Part 3: A Clueless Collie

“Lucy! No!” Her scream echoes across the street as I run into the road. The car about to attack Lizzie is coming straight for us and I have to protect her. I crouch down in front of the monster and stare it down as she runs after me. A leash with my broken collar dangles…
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The Rainbow Stories, Part 2: Survivor

“Come on, boy. Let’s go.” “Yay! Are we going out? For a walk!? Right now!? Play fetch? I want to know!” My nose already smells the world outside. The smell of wet grass and dogs walking past… I can’t not jump up and down. “Quit barking, you idiot. That’s the reason we gotta to do…
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My mother, like me, was born right here. In the barn of Nasty Man. My sister and me were only pups when he came to take us away from her. His scent was everywhere, and it’s all we’d ever known. A door opened on the other side of the barn and our mother stepped in…
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