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Women Rock Horror, and Not Just in February

So in case you hadn’t noticed, February was Women in Horror Month. We are sorely underrepresented in the genre. We can be so much more than the victim, the scream queen, the set dressing. We are the hero, the badass, the villain. The writer. So in the last month I’ve focused in female authors killing…
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It’s a Bird! It’s a Pod! It’s a Pseudo Pod!

Now, almost ten years later, I’ve rediscovered horror as a written medium, and come to the conclusion that I can enjoy stories both in audio and in text form, and still sleep at night. Who knew?

Since this aha-moment, I’ve been making up for lost time, and binging stuff from the backlists of a number of awesome and swoon-worthy podcasts. One of the first ones I discovered, through sister-pods Escape Pod and Podcastle, was Pseudopod.

Book Review: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Malachi the Queer

I just read the most amazing book, in as close to one sitting as I could possibly manage. Couldn’t put it down. Those of you who follow my blog know that Damian is a dear friend of mine. I knew he was talented. I knew, and yet there is a big difference between knowing it,…
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Book Review – Forgotten Pearls: The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry

This week, it’s not a forgotten classic that I read. Not really. It’s a book many people know and love. But this is one I sincerely hope we’ll share with the next generations. Only recently, I read an article with writing tips from Ernest Hemingway. Tip number five was about writer’s block. >All you have…
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Book Review: Suited by Jo Anderton

Imagine buying a kitchen cupboard. Shiny, new, and just the style you love. So you whip out your wallet and buy the thing. Upon delivery, you discover that the doors won’t open properly. The hinges squeal like a stuck pig at the slightest hint of movement. No matter how practical it is on the inside,…
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Book Review – Forgotten Pearls: The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin

  Forgotten Pearls. Yes. It’s a new thing. My friend Anike and I were talking about it a few weeks ago. I’ve been writing book reviews on contemporary books. But what about the gems that were mined and polished yesterday? She and I (and hopefully others) will share episodes of this series of special book reviews,…
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Book Review: Debris by Jo Anderton

Since almost burning myself out by trying to make the most of every free minute by writing, I decided to supplement my brain’s diet with a steady supply of reading material. It’s paid off, to say the least. I’m finally starting to feel like me again. The me I become when I get to use…
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Book Review: Stein on Writing by Sol Stein

A few weeks ago, I treated myself to some books on the art and craft of writing. Among them was Stein on Writing by Sol Stein. Sol Stein wrote thirteen books, and was publisher and editor-in-chief of Stein and Day publishers for twenty seven years. The book is not what you’d call an easy read.…
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Book Review: Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life

For a few weeks now, I’ve been feeling horribly stuck with the novel I’m working on at the moment. It was as if words no longer liked hanging out with me, or even visiting me briefly. I complained about it to my dear friend and fellow INKling, Damian Jay Clay. Because let’s face it. That’s…
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Book Review: Space Unicorn Blues by T.J. Berry

Throw Star Trek, My Little Pony and all the social critique you can think of in a blender. Press the button, and voila. You’ve got Space Unicorn Blues right there. I came across this book by accident and decided to go crazy and just get it. With that title, how could I resist? As always…
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