Legacy, a Story in 33 Words

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Legacy, a Story in 33 Words

She had to start looking after herself again.

Too-thin hand resting on her still-flat belly, Allie smiled.

Her memories of Joe wouldn’t fade completely. A part of him would live on after all.



This is my entry for my friend Jayna’s weekly 50-word story prompt. I haven’t felt up to writing for a while, since life had run me ragged. I was glad to finally be writing again this week–to feel like myself again.

However, this piece is not the story I wrote for the prompt. The one I wrote today has been submitted to a market, and it will not be posted until I hear from them.

This little story was hatched after my friends and I did an exercise where we mapped out a character’s arc, and afterwards, we fleshed them out into stories.

This particular story actually has four different incarnations. A ten-word version, this one of 33 words, and one of about 1300 words. It’s also been rewritten in Dutch and entered in a literary competition back home.

Always curious about your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to let me know.



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