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Legacy, a Story in 33 Words

She had to start looking after herself again. Too-thin hand resting on her still-flat belly, Allie smiled. Her memories of Joe wouldn’t fade completely. A part of him would live on after all.     This is my entry for my friend Jayna’s weekly 50-word story prompt. I haven’t felt up to writing for a…
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The Rainbow Stories, Part 2: Survivor

“Come on, boy. Let’s go.” “Yay! Are we going out? For a walk!? Right now!? Play fetch? I want to know!” My nose already smells the world outside. The smell of wet grass and dogs walking past… I can’t not jump up and down. “Quit barking, you idiot. That’s the reason we gotta to do…
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Minnie Series, part 1: When The Tables are Turned (short story)

Thirty minutes to go. Minnie turned away from the clock on the wall and, smiling at the patient on the stretcher in front of her, raised the bedside rail and adjusted the elderly woman’s blanket. “OK, Ms. Parker. I’m going to take you back to the ER and the doctor will come and see you…
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