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Tiny Teaches

Tiny Teaches is a series of articles I’ve written about writing. What’s with the name? Well, over on Discord, where I live online, everyone knows me as Tiny. It’s a long story.

When I started writing these articles in an attempt to provide more resources for our members, the name only made sense. But now it’s grown on me and we’re all stuck with it.

I will keep adding to the list, and am always open to suggestions as far as the next subject in the series is concerned.

Finding Your Way in the Land of Babel: Writing in a Second Language

Visuals in Writing

Comma Splices: Forgot the Hot Glue Gun. Get the Scissors!

That’s What She Said: The Use of Dialogue Tags

Adverbs: Do You Honestly Need Them?

The Eye of the Beholder: Different POV’s in Writing

Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Limited POV

Don’t Be Dense. Use the Right Tense. Part 1

Don’t Be Dense. Use the Right Tense. Part 2

Don’t be Dense. Use the Right Tense. Part 3

Hello Mary Sue, Goodbye Readers

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Metaphor? What for?


VersePerfect: Writing Suite for Poets. Review by my friend Damian Jay Clay

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