The Minnie Series

The Minnie Series are very important to me. They’re a way for me to process a lot of the traumatic things I come across in my day job as a medical imaging technician.

When The Tables Are Turned


The Rainbow Stories

The Rainbow Stories are something a bit different. Through these pieces, I try to give a voice to abused, neglected or abandoned animals. So far, I’ve written about dogs, but who knows what the future brings, right?

Dry Spell

Dry Spell is a kind of speculative, romantic comedy short story. It’s sort of hard to explain. But the protagonist, Peter Muxton, is a favourite of mine. I’m still not sure he’ll never return with more adventures.

Moira’s Dawn

This short story was written after an image prompt. The photo in question is of a sun setting behind a line of trees, creating a lovely reflection in a little river in the foreground. I still don’t know how a story as sad as Moira’s ended up coming out of such a peaceful image, but I love it all the same. Since writing it, Moira’s Dawn has been rewritten in a Dutch version as well but that’s not available online, as I’ve entered it in a competition.

The Land Down the Well

This story is my interpretation of the German fairy tale Frau Holle, written in a very strict third person limited POV. It was done as an assignment in the Writers’ Workout exercises we run over at The Writers’ Block, and posted in six chapters. I wrote it as a haibun, which is a Japanese form combining prose and haiku. More information on that is available in one the companion posts I wrote for each episode of the story.

Microflash Pieces


From the Dry Spell Universe



Tequila Shot

From the Brennpunkt Universe


From the Minnie Series Universe

Out of Danger