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The Minnie Series

The Minnie Series are very important to me. They’re a way for me to process a lot of the traumatic things I come across in my day job as a medical imaging technician.

When The Tables Are Turned


The Rainbow Stories

The Rainbow Stories are something a bit different. Through these pieces, I try to give a voice to abused, neglected or abandoned animals. So far, I’ve written about dogs, but who knows what the future brings, right?

Dry Spell

Dry Spell is a kind of speculative, romantic comedy short story. It’s sort of hard to explain. But the protagonist, Peter Muxton, is a favourite of mine. I’m still not sure he’ll never return with more adventures.

The Land Down the Well

This story is my interpretation of the German fairy tale Frau Holle, written in a very strict third person limited POV. It was done as an assignment in the Writers’ Workout exercises we run over at The Writers’ Block, and posted in six chapters. I wrote it as a haibun, which is a Japanese form combining prose and haiku. More information on that is available in one the companion posts I wrote for each episode of the story.

Microflash Pieces

Facelift: Part of the Halloween edition of Black Hare Press Dark Moments



From the Dry Spell Universe



Tequila Shot

From the Brennpunkt Universe


King’s Lament

From the Minnie Series Universe

Out of Danger

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