The INKreadables, Episode 1: A Whole New Adventure

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The INKreadables, Episode 1: A Whole New Adventure

Last week, I embarked on a crazy new adventure together with a dear friend and fellow INKling, Damian Jay Clay. About a month ago, he and I first started talking about this crazy thing we wanted to do.

The plan was to start a podcast about writing. And last week, we finally did it. Well, Damian did it, if I have to be honest. I was there, talking and being my charming self, but I don’t know the first thing about recording and things like that. Damian’s words? “Leave the tech stuff to me.”

So we put our heads together and set up a concept for our podcast. Damian came up with a name and everything: The INKreadables.

We invited our first guest, @negativer, and looked for an interesting topic. We ended up discussing a post from Terrible Minds, the deliciously profane blog of bestselling author Chuck Wendig, and having a ton of fun.

After that, Damian worked his magic and turned our cozy chat into a kickass podcast, with a theme song and everything. How lucky am I to have him at my side?

I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone except him and I can’t wait to share this thing we did with all of you. And I can’t wait for episode 2.

Check out the first episode of The INKreadables!



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