Book Review: Debris by Jo Anderton

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Book Review: Debris by Jo Anderton

Since almost burning myself out by trying to make the most of every free minute by writing, I decided to supplement my brain’s diet with a steady supply of reading material.

It’s paid off, to say the least. I’m finally starting to feel like me again. The me I become when I get to use my writing as an outlet, rather than a thing that adds to my stress levels.

I try to alternate between books and articles on the craft of writing and novels and short stories.

This time, it was a novel. Debris by Jo Anderton.

At page one, the book swept me along in pictures swirling with light.

I met a heroine who won’t be pushed around. Who fights back no matter the odds. When she fell, I fell with her. As it should be with a great book.

Anderton’s worldbuilding is on point. I kid you not.

In Varsnia, you can’t tell where magic ends and technology begins. But society depends heavily on it.

As our own society does, she said while typing up this review on her smartphone.

But what happens when technology fails you?

You see, that’s another characteristic of a great book. They hold a mirror up to us and say, “Look. This is you. Or it could be if you’re not careful.”

Did I love this book? Yes. I blew through it in as close to one sitting as I can manage, between the demands and obligations that come with a boyfriend, four dogs, two horses, a full time job and my own writing.

Will I buy the second one in the series? Hell yes.

Is it perfect?

Hmmm. Is anything ever perfect? Of course not. And I wouldn’t expect it of anything on this earth.

That said, I have to admit that there were a few too many typos and flaws in there for my taste. Without that, this truly would have been a great novel.

However, a misplaced word can really pull me out of a story. It happened to me a few 

times while reading Debris.

Yes. I’m picky that way. But I’m so glad the story managed to reel me back in each time. I would have been sad to have missed it.

Flawed and all, it was more than worth my time. And for the record, time is a precious commodity to me so that’s saying a lot.

If you happen to read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.



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