The INKreadables, episode 4: We’re Not Afraid of Dragons!

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The INKreadables, episode 4: We’re Not Afraid of Dragons!

Welcome to the INKreadables, season 1, episode 4.

This month, we discuss a 1974 essay by Ursula K. Le Guin, called Why Americans Are Afraid of Dragons. Along for the ride, were Rowena Harding-Smith, who you might remember from our Christmas special, and Andrew J. Savage, who will be joining us again shortly.

If you would like to join the discussion, do come and visit our community. Damian and I are always keen for new victims.

Find out more about our illustrious guests

Rowena Harding-Smith (photo)

Rowena Harding-Smith is a cross-genre writer. She has been publishing short stories in various magazines and literary journals since 1993. During 2017 she received six awards for her short fiction. She has published two non-fiction books and many articles about learning and memory. She lives in Sydney with her dog in a small timber cottage by the harbour. She has just finished a crime/mystery novel set in 1979 on the waterfront in Sydney.

Rowena’s creative nonfiction “I Love Lucy:1957” appears in Southerly Volume 78 Number 3.





The various scribblings of Andrew J. SavageAndrew J. Savage was born in Australia where they trained him as a lawyer and put him to work. After escaping the sand and the sea, he now lives in Japan with his wife, two children and dog, Max, who has filled the canid-shaped hole in his heart nicely.








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