Tales of empowerment for
magic-hungry readers

Minnie Series, part 1: When The Tables are Turned (short story)

Thirty minutes to go. Minnie turned away from the clock on the wall and, smiling at the patient on the stretcher in front of her, raised the bedside rail and adjusted the elderly woman’s blanket. “OK, Ms. Parker. I’m going to take you back to the ER and the doctor will come and see you…
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More Tiny Food Porn (Unintendedpoem)

Nigella’s christmas cookbook has a few yummy pork roasts: one marinated in apple cider and apple juice with an apple and onion gravy; and one which is a roulade marinated in worchestershire sauce and something else, apple cider too I believe, then stuffed with onion, dried cranberries, and spices and things. I did it with…
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